MegaDev and Amy While

Compatibility: This package is compatible with iOS iOS 11.0 to 14.X.


Find out when your battery drains and gives you suggestions on what tweak it could be.

Compatible with iOS 11 through 14

Dra1n is a tweak that warns you when your Device is draining battery and gives you suggestions on what tweak it could be. Dra1n does this through individual device measurements as well as compiled data from other users submitted to our server. Dra1n will notify you if a newly installed tweak causes significant battery drain. Dra1n will work in the background of your device, and will give you a notification when your discharge increases significantly after installing new tweak(s).

Notifications: You will be notified if a tweak you have installed has been causing more dra1n on your device.

App Design: Dra1n comes with a modern, clean, app design so you can get to the information you need with ease. Dra1n also includes a sleek web interface so you can compare your data with others. It includes a number of alternative icons from alpha

Privacy: All the data sent is completely anonymous, and is only sent when you agree to the privacy policy.

Note: Dra1n will never be 100% accurate, however there are measures in place to ensure it will be as accurate as possible. Throughout testing it was found to be accurate nearly every time.


MegaDev and Amy While


iOS 11.0 to 14.X


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Completely remove IPC fixing launch issues, Add new entitlements to fix iOS 14 crashing, Fix the graph not refreshing when changing count, Reworked clear log button, no longer clears app settings, Fixed the respring button in the app, Improve the Parcility error, Fix the control file, Change the launch screen text


Bug Fixes